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Monday, May 8, 2017

Sunshine (Or... My World - Part 2)

Last week’s Monday Message was about setting a good example so that you can make a positive difference in “your world” no matter how small that world may be. Normally, I receive comments about each MM I write, which I really appreciate, but a strange thing happened in that for the first time ever, I did not receive a single comment. That’s fine, because I know everyone is super busy, so I don’t expect people to necessarily have time to read my stories or comment on them. My main goal is simply to write something interesting that will inspire people to think about… and focus on… the important things in life. Well, I spent time with someone last week who hadn’t yet read my most recent Monday Message - and didn’t need to!

His name is Antony and he is a “Personal Trainer”, but that is not his true profession. Let me explain. I injured my right shoulder playing baseball (and moving furniture on the same day) about a month ago. It has been so sore that I’ve had to miss the last 4 games. Two years ago, when I was training to go to the baseball World Series, I saw Antony on a regular basis and he got me in the best shape of my life. So, with my shoulder being injured, I decided it was time to see Antony once again.

The first thing Antony did was greet me with a great big smile and a huge hug. It was like I was his prodigal son returning from a long-lost adventure in a foreign land. He definitely knows how to make you feel welcome in his establishment. In fact, my nickname for him is “Sunshine”. Then he started with the questions, none of which were about my shoulder. He wanted to know how things were going with me personally, with my family, my kids, my business. He wanted to know if I was happy, if my wife was healthy, how often I was working out, what I ate, if my faith was still my focus, etc. All the while offering up encouragement and praise. We talked for a long time before Antony ever touched my shoulder and the entire time he worked on my shoulder he continued with his positive attitude and encouraging comments. Near the end of our session Antony was literally pounding on my shoulder with his fist, 40 to 50 times, trying to break up the internal constrictions. The whole time he was inflicting great physical pain on me, he still kept talking to me and encouraging me, reminding me of what a great baseball player I was and what a great player I could still be. Mr. Sunshine sure knows how to multi-task!

Despite the pain of the physical therapy, I loved my time with Antony. His never-ending positivity and overflowing love for people inspired me, lifted me up, and healed me in a way I didn’t even know I needed. I went in for a sore shoulder and came out with a happy heart. Antony reminded me that sometimes we don’t recognize that the stress in our lives can easily lead to physical health problems. Antony also reminded me that if we focus on the important things in life, such as being happy and enjoying the blessings we have been given, our bodies will respond in the most t positive manner. Wait…I just realized Antony should be the one getting credit for writing this week’s Monday Message, so let me make a comment. Way to go Sunshine!

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, 
always bring a little of your own sunshine.
~ A. J. D’Angelo 

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