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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Last week somebody mentioned to me the expression, “Timing is everything”, and I agreed. Actually, timing is important and wouldn’t it be great if every good thing we ever wanted to have happen, happened exactly when we wanted it to. However, that’s rarely the case. But maybe the proper timing is happening… and we just don’t know it!

I’ll give you an example.  When I was a young boy, around 14 years old, I kept having this recurring dream about a girl. In my dream her name was Debby and she was perfect in every way. Since I kept having the same dream over and over I figured it had deep meaning and that someday I would surely marry a girl named Debby. Well, none of my girlfriends in High School were ever named Debby, but in the back of my mind I knew someday I would surely meet her. By the time I was 21 though, I was anxious to get married and start a family but I still hadn’t met my dream girl named Debby. So being young and dumb and very impatient, I married someone with a different name, and did it on my timing.

Unfortunately, that marriage had problems from the start. But I gave it a great effort and stayed married for 16 years before I finally gave up and asked for a divorce. I am not sure why I got married in the first place and I am not sure why I stayed married for so long to the wrong person, but maybe it was God’s plan for it to happen that way. Because fortunately for me, three years later I found and fell in love with my true dream girl and guess what…her name was Debby!

I have been married to Debby now for over 20 years and I can truly say I have never been happier. She has been the best wife any man could ever want and I think the reason we both feel like we know and understand the meaning of true love…is because we were both in long term marriages before with the wrong person. We learned a lot from that experience and we both grew and matured so that when we finally came together, the timing was right. I realize now that God will bless me when the time is right and most importantly, I need to trust His timing not my own!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day so I wrote my wife a poem that reflects the story above. I hope she liked it and I hope she never forgets that she was and is and always will be my “Dream Girl” forever.

Joe, Debby & Family - Valentine's Day 2016

Dream Girl

The very first time that I had the dream,
I was really very young, only fourteen.
When my dream girl appeared for the very first time,
I began to feel flush like a vintage rose wine.

My dream girl had dark hair that was silky and long.
Her smile was wide and her laugh was strong.
And I knew right away she was perfect for me,
For my dream foretold who my dream girl would be.

My dream girl would be pretty with a “Girl Next Door” look.
She would be smart and witty and love to cook.
She would love to play softball and climb a few trees,
And she wouldn’t even cry if she skinned her knees.

My dream girl would be kind and loyal to a fault,
even willing sometimes to lock her feelings in a vault.
She would put herself second to others every day,
being designed by God in such a deep loving way.

I kept dreaming that dream and feeling that desire
to finally meet her and passionately light her fire.
But more than twenty years passed without any luck
And so many times over the years, I felt truly stuck.

And then it happened like a crazy surprise.
And all it really took was for me to open my eyes
For my dream girl was close, as close as a friend.
It seems my days of loneliness were about to end.

And now that another twenty years has passed,
You know how they say that love doesn’t last.
Well they’re not only wrong, they couldn’t be wronger
Because our loves grows deeper, every day, ever stronger.

The girl that I dreamed of back when I was very young
(and I know this is going to sound kind of far flung)
But she was part Italian and loved olives and lace,
You see my dream girl’s name is Debby Dollface!

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